Using a single LRS account for development, production, or multiple customers can be quite complicated and lead to unintended consequences. Your development and production data needs to be properly separated so reporting is accurate.

Wax LRS sub-accounts make it possible for you to manage multiple LRS sites under the hood of a single billed parent Wax LRS account. You can logically separate your LRS data for development, QA, production, or per department, and each sub-account inherits all the features and capabilities of the parent account.

See the blog post "Setting Up and Managing Multiple LRS Accounts" for more information.

Value to Customer Learning Ecosystem: LRS multi-site enables clean and simple LRS management for all LRS admins. Accurate reporting for production LRS sites and accelerated development when adding/testing new tools and integrations with Wax LRS.

Value to Consulting Partner Learning Services: Setup LRS subaccounts for testing, development, and staging without negatively impacting customer production data and reports.