Improved Sales Readiness

How would you gauge the sales readiness of your team using competencies from Wax LRS?

In this example, we set the criteria by assigning a wide variety of activities to the employee that all work together to measure whether or not they are ready to hit the Sales floor.

Here is the definition of our competency:

1. This person completed the assigned training content, "The Road to the Sale," in their LMS and passed with at least an 80% grade.

2. Using Pipedrive sales CRM, they successfully demonstrated knowledge of the application by adding a new deal to their Sales pipeline.

3. Using Pipedrive, they moved that deal down the pipeline after successfully setting up an appointment.

4. Using xAPIapps, the employee's Overseer completed sales readiness checklist - which includes observable tasks such as the employee successfully  demonstrated the ability to approach a customer on the lot, demonstrated knowledge of the inventory, and used a specific close correctly.

5. The employee was given a final task to attend a 2 hour Sales webinar to successfully complete the competency

++++++++++++++ Future potential competency writeups +++++++++++++++++++++++

Measuring Field Worker Task Proficiency

Here we measure how capable your workforce is by requiring a wide variety of competency, including feedback from a manager.

1. Completion of safety training on telecom antenna installation

2. Correct mobile on-site task list entry

3. Manager's coaching feedback

Identifying influential leaders in your organization

1. Completion of leadership training on “influencing people without authority”
2. Specific targeted questions answered correctly on training
3. ILT attendance
on “communicating with confidence”

Sales team, manager looking for information

We've been using this training for 3 months now, I can see that Bob and Steve are improving, but now I want to see who should be promoted...


On-boarding new employees

1. Successfully found people and places in the office using scavenger hunt tool

2. Watched video on new employee benefits

3. Attended online webinar about core company values & mission

Let's say you're on-boarding a new employee, sara - you can easily use 

Notes from call: more like creating actual scenarios where competencies can be used - how would I use competencies to view how capable my workforce is - these type of value props are what we're looking for - (less feature driven - more HOW DO I USE THIS)