Strict xAPI standard compliance and interoperability is important for our customers as well as the Experience API ecosystem. Wax LRS maintains the strongest validation and returns very detailed error messages, but our partner developers and tinkerers need even greater visibility and improved xAPI development tools. Wax LRS has a debugging page to help accelerate xAPI testing and development. State, Agent, and Activity Profile API data is visible and can be clicked into for more detail. this is especially useful for developing and troubleshooting arbitrary non-statement data sent to the LRS. All errors and related messages are displayed in near real-time on the debugging page for the last 7 days so you can easily browse the errors as you develop with the Experience API.

This is a current capability of Wax LRS. See our blog post "xAPI Debugging in Wax LRS" for more information. You can also check out our FAQs on Debugging here.

Value to Consulting Partner and Customer Learning Ecosystem: Accelerate your development by knowing exactly what errors are occurring in Wax LRS in real-time.