With Wax LRS it's easy to add HR Attributes to your users for group-based reporting. This is a great way for your company to tell Wax about your people. 

Using this tool you can assign a unique (or common) identifier to each person or groups of people in your organization - whether it's their job position, state, region, the product they're currently working on - you can add or update any Attribute you need to refine and filter their Activity results. 

After you've created a few Attributes and saved your groupings, anytime you see the "Groups" symbol in the system, you'll be able to then use those Attributes or your saved HR Group to search for specific groups of people. The "Groups" symbol looks like this:

If you're looking for information on setting up your HR Attributes API, check out our documentation here.

So How Do We Do It?

Step 1: Login and select "Groups"

First login to your Wax LRS and from your home page click on the 'Groups' icon at the top right:

Step 2: Build / Upload your Attributes Spreadsheet

Build and/or Upload a spreadsheet with your Agents and their associated attributes that you want to ultimately be able to query and group them by.

Here is an example of some attributes you can include in your spreadsheet. The top row and first column should be used to identify your Agents - Wax can use either the Agent Email or Account ID. In this example we are using Email:

As you can see, the first column is what Wax will use to identify the Agent in the system. The subsequent columns are Attributes we've chosen to group our people by.

Once we import this spreadsheet, we'll be able to filter our Agents by their State and Department.

Note: You can download a sample spreadsheet at the bottom of this article.

Step 3: Do you want to Replace all data? Or only Agents on this spreadsheet?

In this step you will decide if this spreadsheet will REPLACE all existing Attributes, or ONLY for those in this spreadsheet. 

  • All people: This option will delete all existing Attributes and replace them with those listed on this Spreadsheet. If you look at our example spreadsheet above - if we used this option, we would lose any existing data for the Agents not listed, because they do not exist on our spreadsheet.
  • Only people in this spreadsheet: If you select this option, it will only update/add attributes to people in this spreadsheet.

So depending on your own personal workflow you can decide what works best for you. We would suggest the "Only people in this spreadsheet" option if you're updating weekly or monthly – updating specific Agents or Specific Attributes (for example, if someone moved to a different State, you would only want to update that one Agent.)

Here we've chosen "Only people in this spreadsheet" and we can see the Success message at the top right. 

Step 4: Time to Run a Query!

You can now run a query of all Agents based on the attributes you just imported.

Using our example spreadsheet from above, we can run queries based on State or Department (or both).

Let's say for example we want to find all Agents in the state of Washington. Our query would look like this:




 Now we want to see all Agents in Washington and only in the Sales department, our query would look like this:


"state:WA" AND "department:sales"


 We can even filter it further by including Nevada in the query as well:


"state:WA" OR "state:NV" AND "department:sales"


And here I can see my results:

Now we can move on to the next step and save this Query for future use.

Step 5: Save your queries as a Group

Once you've built a query you want to continually use, you can Save this query to use on other reports in Wax.

Here we've named the Query from the example above "Sales" - and now we can see the same results as if we had typed out the original Query:

Step 6: Now you try it out

Import an Attribute, create a query, and save it as a grouping - and then explore the rest of the system to see where these filters apply:

On the Historical Roll-ups, all of the Attributes we've imported are available to create a Historical data roll-up filtered by Attribute:

We can also drill-down into an Activity then apply our HR Group or any Attribute we've imported. Remember, wherever you see the "Group" icon you can click on that to reveal the additional filter options:

In this example we used our HR Group "Sales" to view all Agents in Washington and Nevada in the Sales department that recorded a Statement on this Activity:

Or you can use any attribute query that you'd like:

You can also find all of your saved HR Groupings on the Competency Reports:

If you are a developer or have programming resources, please see our HR Attributes & Groups APIs for integrating data from your HRIS or other systems with Wax LRS programmatically.