Depending on the data sent to Wax LRS, there are a standard set of reports that appear on activity/verb/agent pages and on all LRS data (on the Wax homepage). Some of these reports include: statement & activity timelines, results & response summaries, completion reports, experience path analysis, question analysis, activity streams, recently active content (Most/Least popular), and score distributions. These are current capabilities (conditional on data present) and new reports are being added all the time.

Value to Customer Learning Ecosystem: Efficient visibility & browse-ability of your LRS data.

Value to Consulting Partner Learning Services: All reports can be accessed programmatically via API or embedded using LTI in other systems.

Here is a quick surface level look at each of the reports found on your Wax LRS homepage:

1. Most & Least Popular Activities - These reports will give you a snapshot of the highest and lowest volume of reported learning activities for the entire organization so you can see what’s working and what’s not. 

2. Activity Timeline - Get the overall volume over time for a particular person, activity, or the entire organization. The timeline lets you focus in on any timeframe by simply hovering over the line graph. Scroll horizontally to change the date range and scroll vertically to change the granularity of the date range window.


3. Verb Cloud - The Verb Cloud gives a quick snapshot of how people are learning and what activities they are doing most. This report is automatically visible for any person or activity in real-time.

4. Competencies Overview - Competency reporting in Wax is a way for people to define which activities, behaviors, and results that should be associated with a higher level accomplishment or topic (from all data and sources connected in Wax LRS). For more details on how Competencies work, please take a look at our Competencies article here.

5. Historical Roll-ups - These reports make it easier than ever to filter, sort, and manipulate LRS data over any desired time span, and share it with stakeholders that don’t use Wax directly. Check out our full article on Historical Roll-ups here for more details.

6. Activity Stream - This report makes it easy to browse your learning data in chronological order for a particular person, activity, or the entire organization, aggregated from as many systems as you can connect to Wax LRS.