Updated: 10/9/2015

We just launched new price plans for Wax LRS. Here's a snapshot of the new pricing structure:

The Insights, and Impact plans are designed for organizations who want to gain deep insights into their learning and performance data, changing how learning impacts the business. These plans come standard with a plethora of reporting and LRS capabilities shown on the Wax LRS pricing page, but we've also added some new features. 

Get detailed information about how people experience content with Experience Paths, seamlessly connect your favorite Business Intelligence tool to Wax, create unlimited LRS subaccounts under a single plan, and Interactive Analytics (coming soon). Interactive Analytics will make it possible to slice and dice your learning & performance data very flexibly by date, people, activities, and more, to define metrics and leading indicators you want to review regularly. What's great is that these 2 plans include 5,000,000 statements per month! That's 60 million statements per year if you pre-pay annually. 

The Explore plan is free, includes all features, but is limited to 2,000 statements per month. It's perfect for tinkerers and developers who want to get started and see what Wax LRS offers. 

Important: Don't worry, as an existing customer you can keep your current plan indefinitely and there's no action required on your behalf. We'll never force you to change your plan, but we think you'll find these exclusive offers for existing Wax LRS customers enticing...

  • If you are on the free "API-Only" plan, you have been automatically migrated to the new "Explore" plan. Nothing changes for you except you now have added reporting and LRS administration capabilities. This plan is still free forever and includes a monthly 2,000 statement limit. 
  • Upgrade to the Insights Plan by November 15th, 2015 and get 2 months free when you pre-pay for 1 year. That's $2,000 in savings.
  • Upgrade to the Impact Plan by November 15th, 2015 and get 3 months free when you prepay for 1 year. That's $10,500 in savings.

Contact us to get setup for one of these special offers. Our Legacy plans can be found in the attached document. 

The entire team at Saltbox is working hard to make Wax LRS the most valued analysis and data platform for L&D, so you can make a greater impact on the business. We're here to answer any questions and we'd love your feedback, just drop us a line

Thank you,