In many cases, it's useful to make Wax LRS reports show up in other systems like your content management system, LMS, intranet, or internal reporting dashboards, all in near-real-time! Wax lets you do this in using report embeds as an LTI tool or Javascript code snippet. 

To embed a report as an LTI tool, you first need to make sure that the system where you want to embed reports can be configured as an LTI tool consumer. For example, many LMSs, Moodle, WordPress, SharePoint, and Drupal have plugins available to do this. 

Once you are ready to embed your report, click on the blue "Embed me!" button at the top right of the report and you'll see a window pop up like in the image below. Copy and paste the LTI Launch URL and OAuth consumer & secret keys into your LTI tool consumer settings (found in the system you are embedding the report in). The configuration will vary a bit for different systems, but generally the launch URL and credentials are all you need. 

Note: users interacting with Wax LRS through this LTI launch can access Wax with the abilities of the OAuth credential created for the embed. By default we tag the credential for the embed with "permission:readonly". LRS administrators must have "permission:permissions" tagged on the settings page in order to carry out report embeds.