Competency reporting in Wax is a way for people to define which activities, behaviors, and results that should be associated with a higher level accomplishment or topic (from all data and sources connected in Wax LRS).

Criterion can be assigned different weights based on their importance for meeting the competency requirements. Reports can be collated in near-real-time to see who has/hasn't been awarded the competency and what progress they've made. This is a current standard capability of Wax LRS.

This Saltbox blog post "Introducing Competency Reporting in Wax LRS" covers additional details and use cases.

Value to Customer Learning Ecosystem: Flexible and configurable reporting in Wax LRS on combined activities from learner experience (formal + informal learning) in near-real-time.

Value to Consulting Partner Learning Services: All competency definitions and reportnig can be defined and accessed programmatically for consumption by other learning & performance systems.

Here is an example of what you may see on your Wax LRS Dashboard:

As you define a new competency or drill down to "View details" on an existing one, we provide you with the ability to clearly define the competency in a way that best makes sense for your organization.

The definition can be as complex or simple as you like - the key is that you are in control of determining which experiences are most important to you.

Once you’ve integrated your HRIS with Wax LRS via the Wax LRS HR Attributes APIs (Read more about implementing HR Attributes here) you can build and save queries as groups by almost any cross-section of HR attributes directly in Wax LRS. These groups can be a combination of any number of HR attributes that you might require, such as department, unit, teams, roles, regions, titles, and supervisors.

By running competency reports on defined groups, you can quickly see who is and isn’t meeting the requirements of any competency (including a summary of the number of people who have and haven’t met the requirements). Wax will even show you how far along each person is and detail their progress on a competency.

You will now be able to ask your Wax LRS your burning questions about workforce readiness and get answers instantaneously.

Finally - do you want to create and display competencies in other systems and not just the Wax LRS UI? Are you a developer and need to define and report on competencies via API? Imagine the possibilities for feeding these insights into other enterprise systems. We support that with our amazing Competency APIs.