The results summary lets you see a list of people who have completed and scored on a specific activity. Clicking on a user's name will give you details on their highest and lowest scores, scores for their first and last attempts, and the number of times they’ve completed it.

You can access the Results Summary by drilling down into an Activity.

Additionally, you can filter this list of results using the "Groups / HR Attributes" filter, which is here:

Click here to find out more about integrating HR Attributes and creating Groups.

Here is an example results summary for the verb "Answered" on the Activity "Was this person a decision maker?" - Further we have filtered it using the cHR Group "Sales" that we created on the HR Attributes section of Wax.

If your activity includes a scored result, here is an example of what the Results Summary may look like (Again, filtered by our HR Attribute):

Finally here is an example Results Summary of the verb "Completed" - which combines the "Answered" and "Scored" results from above.