These reports will give you a snapshot of the highest and lowest volume of reported learning activities for the entire organization so you can see what’s working and what’s not. 

You can click on any Activity Name to drill down into that activity to view additional details:

There are 5 additional reports in this drill down - they are similar to the "standard" set of reports except they are now automatically filtered by the Activity you have already selected.

1. Activity Summary - this is a quick overview of the activity:

2. Activity Timeline - Get the overall volume over time for a particular person, activity, or the entire organization. The timeline lets you focus in on any timeframe by simply hovering over the line graph. Scroll horizontally to change the date range and scroll vertically to change the granularity of the date range window.

3. Verb Cloud - The Verb Cloud gives a quick snapshot of how people are learning and what activities they are doing most. This report is automatically visible for any person or activity in real-time.

4. Results Summary - The results summary lets you see a list of people who have completed and scored on a specific activity. If you select an Agent, you can further drill down to their specific data history including their personal activity timeline, verb cloud, and activity stream.

5. Activity Stream - Easily browse your learning data in chronological order for a particular person, based on the activity you have already drilled down on.