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Where do I enter my Billing Info?

The billing page can be found in Wax LRS as a sub-menu item on the Settings page, by clicking on the "gear" icon in the top right of Wax LRS and selecting the "Billing" menu item on the left pane of the settings page.


Here you can update your billing email address and name, select and change your monthly plan, update your payment information, enter a coupon code, and monitor your month to date usage.

Billing Email Address

We use this email address to send you payment confirmations, billing summaries, and other plan related information. You can change this at any time on the billing page. 

Billing Name

This is the name on the credit card for billing purposes, you can update it at any time by filling in the name and clicking “save”.

Selecting and Changing Plans

To select a new plan, go to the billing page and in the first section in the center pane, next to your Wax LRS site URL you'll find a link showing your current plan. Directly to the right of that is a button labeled "Change your plan", click on that and you will arrive at the plan selection page and then simply select the plan you want. If you would like to select the Impact plan, please contact us directly or click on the "Contact Us for Pricing" button.

You can select or change your monthly plan at any time, and all plan changes are backdated to the start of your billing period. Your billing period starts every month on the day you started your plan and ends the day before the monthly anniversary of your start date (shown on the billing page under "Usage & Activity").

Payment Methods and Updating Payment Information

You can pay online using a credit card. We accept all major credit cards. We offer invoice billing for annual paid plans only. Invoices must be paid in full before account activation for annual plans.

To add or change your credit card information, click on the “Update” button to right of the credit card number in the "Billing" section of the Settings page.

Adding a Coupon


If you have a coupon code, you can enter it in the text field with the “COUPONCODE” placeholder in the"Billing" section of the Settings page. Your discount or credit will be applied on your next billing cycle.

Tracking Usage and Activity

On the billing page, in the section labeled "Usage & Activity", you can view your next bill date, which is when you will be charged for the next month’s plan cost and any incremental usage from the previous month. The MTD statements shows our most recent tabulation for the total number of statements you have sent to Wax LRS, from your last bill date through the date shown (usually accurate through the previous day).