A Quick Overview of Wax LRS Plans

Wax LRS offers 4 plans: Basic, Explore, Insights and Impact.

Basic: Just need an LRS? The Basic LRS Plan includes 5,000,000+ statements and full Experience API support, but lacks the reporting capabilities of the Impact and Insights Plans.

Explore: This plan is great for customers who don't need any reporting or are just starting to tinker with Wax LRS. The plan is billed at a variable rate based on the number of statements processed, but it includes 2,000 statements per month at no charge. 

Insights: Gain Insights into your organizational learning data at scale. This plan includes advanced support, and 5,000,000 statements per month.

Impact: Unleash your data and change how learning Impacts the business. This plan includes premium support and a SLA. It includes 5,000,000 statements per month, the creation of unlimited additional LRS accounts, Business Intelligence integration, and Single Sign On.

The Insights and Impact plans are designed for organizations who want to gain deep insights into their learning and performance data, changing how learning impacts the business. For more information on the reporting and LRS capabilities, visit the official Wax LRS pricing page.