We categorize defects (or bugs) that may occur based on business impact by defining varying severity levels (1 being the highest):

  • Level 1 - When our systems are unable to function properly due to a failure to conform to availability/uptime.
  • Level 2 - When a defect arises which materially impacts the client's business operations, although our systems are substantially operational.
  • Level 3 - When a defect arises which does not materially impact the client's business operations.
  • Level 4 - When a defect arises, but the impact on the client's business operations is minor. 

We work with clients to define the times associated with: 

  1. Initial response. The time it takes for us to respond to a support notification (initiated via email, helpdesk, or phone). 
  2. Interim resolution. The time it takes for us to apply a functional resolution to the reported defect measured from the time the notification was made.
  3. Final resolution.  The time it takes for us to provide final correction or modification of Wax LRS that corrects the defect.

We establish relationships between support times and defects so that each severity level maps to a specific initial response, interim resolution, and final resolution time. 

Remedy: If any of the response or resolution times are not met, we provide a credit in the amount of a percentage of the monthly plan cost.

Please let us know if you have any specific support requirements.