Creating new Administrators

You can create as many Wax LRS administrators as you need. Click on the "gear" icon at the top right, and then click on “Create New Administrator.”

You will be prompted to enter the email for the new Administrator, once that is entered, an email will be sent to the new Administrator with a link where they will be required to set their own password.

Managing Administrator Permissions

To add permissions for each administrator fill in the “labels” field with any of the blue permissions tags shown at the bottom of the page.

You can also add any type of Label you wish to identify the Admin users:

The list of permissions at the bottom of the page are:

Admins can have the following permissions:

1. Full LRS access (permissions:permissions)

2. Read-only LRS access (permissions:readonly)

3. The ability to create LRS sub-accounts (permissions:subaccounts).

The last two on the list are API credential permissions, we'll cover that in a separate section.

Warning: All LRS Administrators will have access to all the data and reports in Wax LRS, because permission tagging is not a mechanism to limit or allow LRS visibility or browse-ability. You should carefully consider who is provided LRS administrator access. 

Deactivating Administrators

Currently, Wax LRS administrators cannot be deleted. To revoke access for an LRS administrator, simply go to the administrator section of Wax LRS and uncheck the box in the "Active" field.

Additionally, if an LRS administrator is having trouble logging in due to a password issue, and is unable to reset the password, another LRS administrator can do this directly from the settings page by clicking the "reset password" button next to the administrator's name.