The settings page in Wax LRS provides a number of ways to configure and update your LRS site information, it is separated into 3 different sections (This is a quick overview - for more details on Settings & Administration, visit our solution article here!):


  • Manage Admins and Permissions
  • Update your site specific SSL-secured LRS endpoint
  • Manage Basic and OAuth credentials for different activity providers (systems sending data to Wax LRS)
  • Add permissions to both administrators and API credentials with permission labels

For more details on this section, please take a look at our Admin & Permissions articles.


  • View and Update your Plans & Billing
  • View your Usage and Activity
  • Update your Contact email address

For more information, check out our Plans & Billing articles.


  • Manage your Subaccounts

To get to the settings page, login to your Wax LRS and then click the gear icon in the top right corner. Once you click on the icon, you will see links to “Settings”, “Billing”, and "Subaccounts" in the left menu.