We’ve made it easier to provide you with the support you need in a secure manner. Your privacy is important to us and we don’t provide ourselves direct back door access to your LRS site, but sometimes it’s useful for us to gain access and better troubleshoot issues that may arise.

In these cases, you can click the “Give Saltbox Access” button in the section where you create administrators (on the settings page in the Wax LRS dashboard) and we get notified immediately with the necessary credentials to login.

Once we’re done, you can simply revoke access to you data by clicking the same button to remove Saltbox access.

If you're looking to have a specific question answered, you can email us directly at support@saltbox.com at any time or submit a help ticket through our support site (at the top right of your screen).

Additionally, if you need immediate assistance, you can click on the orange Chat icon at the lower right of the screen to start a conversation with a Saltbox team member.