Known Issue: There is a reporting issue when storing results from Articulate Storyline into Wax LRS. Activity names, descriptions and URIs are not included in the Experience API Statement so Wax LRS has to assign a "dummy" URI. The reason for this issue is due to Storyline adopting version 0.9 of the Experience API where a URI was not required. This causes reports to be unreadable and hard to understand in Wax LRS.

Short Term Solution: We have a temporary fix for so that Storyline can work with Wax LRS. You can use our free Storyline converter: so that Storyline xAPI v0.9 packages will now include activity names (no more urn:dummy links in Wax LRS). A few easy steps...

1 - Publish your xAPI Storyline course to a standard zip file (7zip is not supported).

2 - Upload your course package (zip file) to the free conversion tool (250MB file size limit).

3 - Wait for an email with a link to the new course. Download it.

4 - Upload your new course package to Grassblade/LearnDash.

We delete your package from our servers after 1 week for privacy and security purposes.

Long-Term Solution: As soon as Articulate upgrades Storyline with v1.0 this issue will be fully resolved. Articulate is aware of the issue and has not announced a solution or an estimated time frame for completion/upgrade of Storyline to v1.0 of the xAPI. Please contact Articulate Support for more information.