You can upload arbitrary attributes about your employees (geography, title/role, manager, job code, etc.) to Wax LRS from your HRIS system in order to create groups of people. This can be done via csv upload via the Wax GUI or programmatically via our HR Attributes APIs.

This allows you to segment your data in a way that corresponds to your organization by tagging agents with key/value pairs, and then query for groups of agents based on matching against these keys and values. Queries can be run in the Wax LRS to create groups using strings containing any combination of the set binary operations "AND", "OR", and "DIFFERENCE" on attribute expressions or group names, and may include parenthesis to specify order of operations. You must quote attribute expressions and group names with double quotes.

HR Groups provide a mechanism for combining HR attributes under a single name. This makes it possible to run historical rollup reports, competency reports, and more, based on specific groups of people defined by your organizational hierarchy.

The API Documentation includes example requests and responses in multiple programming languages. Some of the resources available are:

  • Define HR attributes
  • Query HR attributes
  • Update HR attributes
  • Add HR groups
  • Retrieve a list of HR groups
  • Retrieve a single HR group
  • Remove an HR group

Value to Customer Learning Ecosystem: Slice competency reports, generate Historical Rollup reports, deliver and measure interventions using the Business Impact Dashboard, filter queries in Interactive Analytics, and drill down standard reports - by group and attribute to get specific reporting aligned with your organizational hierarchy and structure.
Value to Consulting Partner Learning Services: Well-documented APIs to integrate customer HRIS data with Wax LRS for attribute and group-based filtering for reporting.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or need general assistance using these APIs. The Competencies APIs are available on all Pro plans or higher.