The Account Management APIs allow for creating and retrieving information about subaccounts. Subaccounts can help you segment your data in a way that corresponds to your organization. For example, company, 'A', may have 32 departments or your company may want multiple test/staging Wax LRS sites that are associated with one parent account. Company 'A' can have one WaxLRS account and then create 32 subaccounts, one for each department. All billing related processes and information are handled through the main account. 

The site includes example requests and responses in multiple programming languages. Some of the resources available are:

  • Creating and retrieving subaccounts.
  • Generating and retrieving Basic and OAuth credentials.
  • Creating new LRS site administrators.
  • Generating password resets for existing administrators.

For additional information, check out our Solutions article about Subaccounts here, or our blog post about "Setting Up and Managing Multiple LRS Accounts."

Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or need general assistance using these APIs.